Auto Key Clicker

Click a Key or Keys Combination Continuously.

This is one of the best mouse and keyboard auto clickers that can automate and make your repeated task easy in different ways. The interface of this application is easy to use and understandable. Key clicker application provides you a sequence of keys that has to be pressed and set the duration of clicks with your own choice.

auto key clicker

Key Clicker

In this clicker, you can save the combination and load it whenever you need it. It also allows you to click the mouse cursor in the x and y coordination of the screen. You can save the x and y coordinate list and use them in the future. All Windows versions can run it. Other key clicker software which works like auto key clicker is mention below.


  • Unique and user-friendly interface.
  • It can be paused at any time.
  • Multiple functions for your window pc.
  • Load script any time.
  • No registration is required.
  • Record x and y coordinates of the mouse clicks.

Keybot Auto Key Clicker

Using this automatic mouse and keyboard clicker, you can create your auto mouse and keyboard clicker of customized scripts. You can control your windows pc or laptop, and also you can transfer the completed script of auto pressing to any other app which is used windows. And you can load the script any time for easy access in the future. There is some auto keyboard presser application available with different functionality, which is given below.

Macro Auto Key Clicker

This auto key presser software is a powerful software that is fully available for Windows PCs and laptops. Using this application, you can record macros and even create macros with a macro editor’s help. These macros can be playing on any windows webpage or app. According to your need, you can trigger these macros in multiple ways, such as a text shortcut, mouse click, and keyboard hotkeys, etc.


  • The user interfaces in many languages.
  • Encrypted macro files.
  • Search inside the available macros.
  • Elegant macro recorder.


  • Easily create a macro file.
  • You can modify macros.
  • Easily share the macros with others.
  • Import or export macro file to XML.

Free Download


How Much Disk Space Is Needed for Installing the Auto Key Presser?

The key presser is a very lightweight application and can be installed in less space on your computer hard drive. Different versions of windows require different space on the hard drive and can be installed in the D, E partition instead of C.

How Much Does It Cost to Download Auto Key Presser?

The auto presser is completely free software and doesn’t require any cost to download. You can get this application for free from our site without paying any credit.