Auto Keyboard Presser

Press keyboard Keys Automatically and Quickly.

It is a handy tool. Suppose you don’t want to press a keyboard key manually. In that case, this app will take the responsibility of pressing a keyboard key continuously for you to do any task at a specified interval of time. This software allows you to automate a single key or a combination of a key for your comfortability every time. It is completely easy to install and use, doesn’t need any extra skill to configure the software.

auto keyboard presser

Keyboard Presser

Auto keyboard having a user-friendly interface, and you can set the application according to your need. Also, set the start and stop hotkey and the difference between every key press. This keyboard presser includes a lot of advanced settings for automatic pressing. Below is the application which works as an auto keyboard presser.

Auto keyboard

It is a simple and easy-to-use application designed to automate the key pressing and releasing of the keyboard on all the windows. So you can use this application anytime to press keyboard keys like backspace, enter key, number, etc.


  • Affordable.
  • Plain user interface.
  • Control all the functions of software manually.
  • Set the time difference of your own choice.
  • Support all the window XP, 7, Vista, 8, etc.

Perfect keyboard

This keyboard and text replacement software to your task quickly and save a lot of your time. It is the most comfortable application for all system users: this macro application support hot-keys, auto-complete, and text shortcuts.


  • Include 150+ commands.
  • Control directories and files.
  • Support for macro language.
  • Generous support for clipboard entries.
  • Easily download a file and format them.
  • Just type abbreviation or hotkey and use it.
  • Error-free application.
  • Simple and easy to create a macro.